4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Off the Furniture

Keep Your Pet off the Furniture

When your dog is a tiny little pup, it may seem cute to have him up on the couch for you to cuddle. However, pups grow up, and before long you will have a big hairy dog taking up space on that same couch, and this may not seem all that cute anymore. If you don’t mind sharing the couch with him, then that’s fine but if you’d rather not, then it’s important to start as you mean to finish.

Why Should You Not Allow Dogs on Furniture?

Small puppies which climb onto furniture may injure themselves if they jump or fall off. If you have visitors, you’ll notice dog hair will be all over where your guests have to sit and this may not be appealing to them. I personally don’t mind that, and nor do my dog loving guests, but not everyone feels the same way. A similar reason applies to have your dog on your bed; he may track in sand and dust, and this combined with dog hair, would make your bed uncomfortable to sleep in.
Last but not least, letting your dog onto furniture may cause problems for his caretaker when you go away on vacation. If he is used to snoozing on the comfy couch, he may find it stressful to be removed if his minder doesn’t want him up there.

How to Keep Your Pooch off the Furniture?

Here are some tips for ensuring that your dog doesn’t make a habit out of climbing onto furniture:

  1. Do not allow him on the furniture at all right from the beginning. This means you need to resist those puppy eyes and be watchful for him sneaking up one paw at a time. This rule has to be enforced not just by you but also by all members of your household. Just one member of the family sneaking your dog on the furniture will confuse your dog and interfere with his training.
  2. Always supervise your dog and take action immediately if you see him trying to climb on furniture. If you allow your dog to climb up even just once or twice, this will slow down his training progress. Keep him out of the bedrooms by using baby gates or by closing the doors.
  3. If your dog manages to climb on a piece of furniture before you could prevent him from doing so, be gentle when bringing him off. Don’t push or pull him as this can injure him. Try to entice him to get off the furniture by holding a treat on the floor, and giving him the treat when he comes down to the floor.
  4. If your whole family often engages in activities on the couch such as watching TV, your dog will want to be up with you. Give him a comfortable bed at the foot of the couch, and he will be less likely to try and climb onto the couch.

What If I Want My Dog to Cuddle with Me on the Couch or Bed?

If you would rather have your dog cuddle with you on furniture but don’t the idea of hair all over the place, you can put seat covers or throw rugs over the couch or bed. That way when guests come over, you can remove them and provide a clean seat or sleeping area. Another option would be to allow your dog to the only climb on one particular couch or bed, and not the others.

Whether you want your dog on the furniture with you, or you’d prefer him to stay off, make your decision early in his life and be consistent with him. This way he’ll know his place and you’ll both be happy.

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