The Craziest, Most Original Names of Pets (Dogs and Cats)

2021-2022 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association shows that 70 % of US households own a pet. That’s 90.5 million families. And 90.5 million furry, lively, stinky, lovable animals!

Out of these pet lovers, 27.140 people throughout the US bought a personalized book for pets and kids from one of the top personalized book providers Hooray Heroes. We’ve looked into pet names that people have used while personalizing their books and composed a list of the funniest and most unique ones. Keep on reading for inspiration and a good chuckle or two.

  1. Names Of Roman And Greek Gods and Goddesses
    Expensive salon treatments, diamond encrusted collars, designer coats … it seems like cats and dogs are the deities of American homes. As such they also deserve godlike names. Here are the 10 most popular divine names for your pawsome friend.
    ·       Luna
    ·       Apollo
    ·       Athena
    ·       Artemis
    ·       Juno
    ·       Hera
    ·       Jupiter
    ·       Venus
    ·       Neptune
    ·       Minerva

FUN FACT: John Adams, the second president of the United States and the first one to live in The White House, named his mutt Juno after the Roman goddess, protector and special counsellor of the state.

  1. Yummy Names
    We love pets and pets love food. No wonder so many people name their pets after delicious foods and drinks. Check out the most delicious-sounding names of America’s pets.
    Pets in Hooray Heroes books are called after our favourite treats …
    ·       Donut
    ·       Churro
    ·       Taco
    ·       Waffles
    ·       Cookie
    ·       Mocha
    ·       Pickles
    ·       Nacho
    ·       Noodle
    ·       Cocoa
    ·       Sushi
    ·       Cheese
    ·       Toast
    ·       Chips
    ·       Pretzel
    ·       Ravioli
    ·       Mints
    ·       Macaroni
    ·       Jello
    ·       Kimchi
    ·       Flapjack
    ·       Caramella
    ·       Candy
    ·       Burger
    ·       Chocolate
    ·       Cheesypoof
    ·       Hashbrown
    ·       Milkshake
    ·       Pizza
    ·       Raisin
    ·       Stew

… and their favourite treats:

·       Meatloaf
·       Pepperoni
·       Sausage
·       Sardine

3. Trademark Names
No worries, naming your pet after a famous soft drink or candy bar brand won’t get you into trouble. So knock yourself out and make your puppy your own intellectual property. Find inspiration in the list of names that were used by people who bought the book called The Pawsome Adventures of George and Coca-Cola or got themselves a personalized mobile wallpaper for themselves and their pet:
·       Snickers
·       Skittles
·       Kitkat
·       Twix
·       Nestlé
·       Pepsie
·       Oreo